Sunday, 5 December 2010


Today we had the launch event in St James' Park for Sedogo. We had the comedian Tony Hawks along to compere the event and be a celebrity incentive for people to come. Other incentives were winning champagne and iTunes vouchers. Here are the pages I set up and have been maintaining.

Here is a picture of the live blogging and tweeting I was doing at a pub during the event -

And here is a photo of some of the group of attendees at the event after the event, champagne bottles were popped and prizes were given out.

It was a very successful day and now for the video editing and promotion in news media etc. It has been a great internship and I was told I could leave early as I have done all the work required in raising the profile of our client Sedogo for their social network. I have enjoyed all the experiences of the world of work so far, especially working alongside other people in a team and having routine, having goals myself to reach for and fulfil. I am sure this will help for future life in the world of work.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


The event is only this next weekend! I was responsible for creating the press release and sending that to news media such as the metro, news websites etc. Also creating what news/results we have had so far into a folder in the Forster computer systems. I have done lots of copywriting whilst I have been here, especially in sending emails to clients, what to write up in the twitter and facebook pages and other forms of social media. I am Forster's first intern and am an experiment to see how effective social media is for Forster's work and what routes to take for future projects.

I feel I have used many skills while I have been here, from the obvious of writing copy, using social media, video editing, some PR work, communicating with other Forster colleagues and clients, being punctual and effective. This is a photo of a promotional board for Forster -