Thursday, 18 November 2010

18/11/10 - Forster Communications

Today I had my interview/induction at Forster Communications for my work placement over the next few weeks. They are a PR and media consultancy based in London Bridge, Southwark. It has been agreed I will be the 'social media intern' for the next 4 weeks, raising the profile of their client 'Sedogo', a new social network. I will be working under a supervisor called Jacqueline. I'm really looking forward to starting this internship as I gain some experience of the world of work, working in the media, using skills I have to help their company and having some routine! (The working hours will be 9am until 6pm Mondays to Fridays). For my Journalism degree at Thames Valley University, I am required to fulfil 40 hours of work experience for the Work Placement module, and it looks likely it will be the minimum of 80 hours working for this company. I start properly tomorrow and will be given a briefing and the desk/computer I will be working at for the duration of my time here.


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