Monday, 22 November 2010


Today I have created a facebook event, a goal/event in the sedogo website and tweeted relevant twitter users to raise the profile of Sedogo. I feel I am doing a good job at this and what I am supposed to be doing for Forster. I feel very privileged to be working with the people I am working with. Peter (the main project leader) and Jacqueline (my supervisor and who I work next to) are very hard working and it has been refreshing seeing how committed and effective they are at their jobs so far. They are both part of a bigger picture, also working on one or two other projects for Forster and do not time-waste at all.

I was introduced to the three floors of people currently working at Forster, there is a design/media team, others who do PR things and are always on the phone, and also receptionists, and a few people who do other things I don't know yet. They all seem very nice and friendly, it is quite cool working here, worth the 45minute commute from Earl's Court!

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