Friday, 19 November 2010


So today was my first official day as the 'Social Media Intern' at Forster Communications, London Bridge. I was briefed on my job, raising the profile of the Sedogo social network, using social media and other outlets to get the name Sedogo around and namely promote the launch event of the social network taking place on the 5th December 2010. Here is a link to the client's website - . I have been given passwords to the admin of the site and their facebook and twitter presence. I have also been given my own email ( which I will be using to correspond to the client, companies, other Forster staff and other emails I need to send as I work here.

Today I was also given the task of using the experience I have of social networks to group which ones I think would be effective in promoting Sedogo; such as different areas of facebook and twitter, forums and advertising websites. Sedogo is a social network about 'reaching/achieving goals you set yourself, with the help of other users and others around you'. The website has tools to help you do this, such as a timeline you can create realistic goals to reach on, and in the same way as many other social networks, the ability to add/message friends. Because it is a goal/resolution website, we thought of the different goals people might be setting themselves, especially action/adventure sorts of things such as climbing mountains, swimming the channel, cycling long distances etc. Although Sedogo is not in the charity sector, we thought we could utilise charities as many of these goal sort of things are also (but not exclusively) done for charities. To name a few sites to target, university pages on facebook, relevant tweeters (such as action/goal people, marathons, iron man, competitions etc.) Also craigslist, gumtree, timeout etc. Today has gone well and it feels I have done a lot of work and something to work from on Monday as we start contacting companies and using websites.

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