Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Today I was consulted about other things we needed to do for Sedogo. One new thing is two videos we will be using to promote Sedogo. One will be beforehand and is an interview with the creators of Sedogo, Meg and Guy. It will tell people how Sedogo came about, what it is used for and how we can use it. Jacqueline will be conducting the interview and recording this on a flipcam, and I will be editing it in iMovie using my video editing skills I obtained during my music technology BTEC and A levels.

We will be going later to a board meeting on Liverpool Street with Meg and Guy to discuss what we have been doing so far for Sedogo and discussing details of the launch event on December the 5th, things we need such as Sedogo T-shirts, place and time for people to meet and carry out mini-goals during the day to promote Sedogo and this will be filmed for a second video to promote the social networking site.

I was a little confused at first over all the details but am making sure I ask my supervisor Jacqueline details so I know what's going on and so I can get on with the task ahead. I was very tired today and sitting at a desk/computer all day doesn't help but it was good to get out for lunch break. I start the video editing tomorrow.

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