Tuesday, 23 November 2010


I was slightly late for work today as I had to wait for 3 or 4 tubes as they were packed full. That is one downside of the commuting, many thousands are also doing so and all wanting to get to work on time too. I apologised to Jacqueline and hope to set out earlier in future to make sure I get there on time.

I am keeping a record in a word document of all the work I have done so far, such as creating the Sedogo twitter page and facebook events page, advertisements in craigslist, timeout etc. We have a few new followers in Facebook and twitter, and also a few new users in the Sedogo site itself. This is great success.

Forster are very environmentally and ecologically friendly. They don't have many lights of but rely on sunlight and lower-power / energy-saving lighting, and even ecover handwash in the toilets (which are nice and warm) and encourage you to turn things off you aren't using, and when away from the computer, to put the screen on standby.

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