Monday, 29 November 2010


Today I had to talk over the phone with a client called Robin who will be making the film of the Sedogo launch event. We discussed the background music, duration and clips we wanted him to film, also the date, place and time he needed to be. This taught me some phone-calling skills such as being clear and polite. I have also been maintaining the facebook and twitter pages and replying to those who have contacted us. There is interest for the event, I have also been inviting people through the university group pages and facebook friends.

The event is coming soon, so we gathered items we need for the event, including mini laptops for live-tweeting and blogging during the event which I will be in charge of, also t-shirts, flipcam, and placards to point people in the right direction. I created four today using a printer and sticking machine to stick the printed image on hard boards. This is what it looks like.

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